Hello friends! Today I’m here to share a little secret with you. And this is something that I wouldn’t tell just anyone – just those of you who are lucky enough to be here on my blog. I’m going to tell you how to get FREE MAKEUP! Yes, that’s right… I said I’m going to tell you have to get free makeup.


As in, zero charge.

It’s super simple, and here’s how I did it:

Step 1:

Subscribe to Boxycharm – Okay so this you do have to pay for, but if you’re already subscribed then you’re good to go! If you’re not already subscribed, I’d consider it if you’re looking to build your makeup collection and not pay a ton of money!

It’s $21 (US) a month, and you get 4-5 full size products, and almost always an eyeshadow palette. I’ve gotten products from brands such as Luxie Brushes, Tarte, Too Faced, Tatcha, Violet Voss, Pretty Vulgar, Farmacy, and so many more! I’ve tried other subscription boxes, and this one is by far the best. I’d say 95% of the products are all full sized, and maybe 5% (if even that) are deluxe travel sizes.

Every three months there’s a ~luxe~ box that you can upgrade to, for a fee on top of the regular box. In the luxe box you get extra products that are sometimes a little bit fancier and more expensive. This is of course up to you, and you don’t need to do this part in order to get your free makeup. I just wanted to fill you in on ALL the details, because that’s what friends do, y’know?

Step 2:

Earn Charms – Charms are what you’re going to use to get your free makeup!

There are two ways to earn them:

  1. Reviewing products – For every item that you review, you receive 50 charms! Essentially 50 charms equals 50 cents. You can review products that you got in your box, as well as products that you didn’t receive. Which is awesome because you might have used the product before, but not through your box. This is how I managed to accumulate about $90 in charms to get my free makeup!
  2. Referring friends – for each friend that subscribes, you receive 500 charms (which would equal $5)! Not too shabby in my opinion. When you subscribe you get a unique link and code that you can share with family and friends. For example, my link is: https://www.boxycharm.com/refer/Britt-SIXIVFRD and my code is Britt-SIXIVFRD. You can always put your code on your instagram profile or other social media websites so that you can maximize the amount of people you reach! Or, if you want to keep it simple, you can send friends a direct invite so you know who it’s going to.

Sometimes Boxycharm runs additional promotions where you and the person you referred can get a free item! So essentially it’s a win-win situation.

I recently used my charms and did a mini haul! I did spend more than I had accumulated, so I had to pay a little extra. But if you stay within the amount of charms that you have, it’ll be free!

Here’s what I was able to get:

Free Boxycharm Makeup

Luxie 3 Piece Eye Blender Brush Pack

Sinner Glam Lash Vegas Lashes

Makeup Geek Single Shadow in Barcelona Beach

Ahava Mineral Mud Clearing Facial Mask

I’m super excited to use these products, especially the Luxie brushes and the Ahava mask! It’s a great opportunity to choose makeup that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.

The products available for redemption do change every once in a while, so if you’re not thrilled with what it has to offer at one point in time, save your points and see what else comes! The items are very reasonably priced, and they don’t hike up the price of them just because you’re getting them for free. Sometimes the charm room does close, but that usually means new items are coming soon, so be patient.

One of my favourite things about Boxycharm is how transparent and honest they are. They really do care about their customers, and definitely value brand loyalty. I accidentally order the above products and didn’t click the button to use my charms, and my card got charged like $90 for the stuff! I might have had a little meltdown, not going to lie. Immediately I emailed customer service, assuming that what’s done was done, and that I was stuck paying for my items. They immediately refunded me my money, and used my charms instead. I was seriously blown away by how quickly they resolved the situation, and that they were even willing to do so in the first place!

I’m honestly so excited for you guys to start getting free makeup!

Until next time,