Hello friends! Today we’re going to jump right into the latest drama that is plaguing the beauty community. Of course, we’re talking about Deciem.

Lately, Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem, has brought upon the company a series of unfortunate events. Deciem is the parent company of a multitude of smaller brands, such as the popular skincare line The Ordinary.

But wait! Before you continue, Elle has a great article that gives a detailed timeline of all the drama surrounding this. I’d recommend reading it so you know a little bit more about what’s going on 🙂

And now lets continue.

On January 24th, Truaxe announced that he would be taking over the Deciem instagram. This is when everything started to really go downhill. Erratic posts soon became the norm for this once professional company instagram. Posts about actual products quickly dwindled, and Truaxe started treating the company’s instagram like it was his own personal account.

The posts ranged from selfie videos of Truaxe, to a picture of a dead animal. The comments section of each post was full of people speaking their minds about this downward spiral. Some people were concerned about Truaxe’s mental health, and even pleaded with him to get help, while others made fun of the posts.

Abnormal posts continued until about February, when the co-CEO of the company was fired. That sparked a whole round of executive firings within the company, including apparently the whole US team.

“a revolution is coming” started Truaxe, on October 8th. He goes on to state the members of Estee Lauder (who are shareholders of Deciem) have been involved in financial crimes, as well as almost everyone at Deciem. Furthermore, he states that they are shutting down operations until further notice, which will probably be 2 months.

Currently, Estee Lauder have proceeded with legal actions in order to remove Truaxe as CEO, and reinstate Nicola Kilner (who was previously the co-CEO, until Truaxe fired her).

Overall, it’s been a wild ride from start to finish for those who have been keeping up.

There are theories that some of the more recent incoherent posts are Truaxe’s way of outing some of the people involved in these crimes. (He mentioned Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck and a few others in one of his posts, along with some major companies). Others are straight up calling him a sociopath. A majority of the comments are from people who are worried about his mental health, and they are urging him to seek professional help.

Now, lets think about this.

This week we celebrated Mental Health Awareness day. If all this is coming from a man who truly has mental health issues, what is being done to help him? Estee Lauder is attempting to force him out of his own company – how about trying to help the man instead? I’m a big advocate for mental health, and I believe that it is something that needs to be taken seriously. But, who knows, maybe they have attempted to help him and this is the last straw. We only know the details that are given to us, and we are certainly not getting the whole story. Just a thought though, that we still live in a society that says “lets get rid of the problem” before “lets help the problem”.

On the other hand, what if what he’s saying is actually true? Yes, it might seem like a stretch. But, a majority of us have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of a large company like that. The things that this man might have seen/heard and been involved in. None of us really know. Comments mentioning QAnon have surfaced, which is a pro-Trump alt-right conspiracy theory group prevalent on 4chan and 8chan. Some are saying that Truaxe is using his following to expose the corrupt. So the question is, is a revolution really coming like he claimed?

One more thing to consider – what if this is all a marketing ploy? The stores are all closed, so people are forced to order online and stock up in fear of not being able to access their favourite skincare at an affordable price. It appears that consumers are definitely feeling the pressure, as many have spoken out about buying in bulk just in case Deciem closes their doors for good. If this is all a ploy, it was a successful one, but also an illegal one.

If you try and access the Deciem website, you will be greeted with a blank red screen. The tab will show the Deciem logo, and then the symbol for pi, as you can see below.

Blank Deciem Home Page

On the positive side, you are still able to order from The Ordinary for the time being. There has been no mention of shutting down the online store… Yet.

Regardless of what is going on with Truaxe, The Ordinary still produces great products at an affordable price that allows a wide range of people to access it. Hopefully the company continues to succeed amidst all of the allegations surrounding, so that employees are able to resume their work.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Deciem and Truaxe. I wish him and all of the members of the Deciem community the best. My heart goes out to those who are employed with Deciem, and I hope that the negative consequences are kept to a minimum. There are many people that rely on their jobs at Deciem, and it is unfair to them that they are suffering the consequences.

I really hope that I was able to cover this topic in a respectful manner. Like I stated before, none of us really know what is going on behind the scenes of something like this. We must remember that behind every large corporation there are actual living breathing humans, ones that have feelings just like you and I. Negative comments can be hurtful. And while I am not blind to some of the comments that Truaxe has made himself, I’m going to be that person to say that two wrongs don’t make a right.

I welcome everyone to share their opinion in the comment section, but please be respectful.

If you have any comments or concerns about anything that I have written, please do not hesitate to shoot me a message!

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